February 2020: Pointing our Compass

During this moment in our nation’s history, we need to keep our compass pointed towards truth and radical hope, which I believe will propel us towards the future we desire and deserve.

We have a good chance of doing something beautiful this year and in this decade, and that’s where your compass should point toward. Truth is out in more ways right now: around gender and racial equity and the reality of climate change, with more voices being heard than ever before. This is real momentum towards a more diverse, inclusive, resilient, and equal society.

Within our organization we are restructuring for impact to fully realize our vision of an equitable and resilient future for all. Read more about these changes in my recent blog about staff transitions. Janet Brown, Associate Director, will be moving on to a new career in April. For over 12 years, she has spear-headed a generous and supportive team culture, established systems for robust development practices, and influenced our equity work from her deep commitment to social and climate justice. She will be deeply missed. In the meantime, we have created two new staff positions and are promoting key staff during this time of transition.

We look forward to supporting hundreds of Minnesota youth with our recently-launched Youth Action Fun(d) for climate action and at our annual Youth Climate Justice Summit (Feb. 26) in St. Paul, MN. Our education program is expanding professional development to the New York City School District (the largest in the U.S.!), in addition to offering our flagship training, the Summer Institute for Climate Change Education this July. Talk Climate was recently held in St. Cloud, MN and will be expanded to over 500 people this October, equipping people with the skills and confidence to have climate conversations. Finally, our Band Together podcast is a must-listen! Every month, we bring you updates from the climate field, an interview with a game-changing artist, and tips to further your climate action. Join us!


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