Fast for Humanity

How long could you not only survive but fight for a cause while sustaining yourself on only water? This is no Lent or Ramadan fast where selective days and times are marked for fasting — three young people from across the globe have joined together to lead the Climate Justice Fast living on only water for 30 days running.

These young people, along with the many others around the world and here in Copenhagen, that are fasting for climate justice highlight the power that the youth movement (aka the YOUNGOs) carries like a torch into the coming week of negotiations. They are lighting the path for true climate revolution with humanity and moral conscience.

Beginning Monday, our global leaders being negotiating our global inheritance. As youth, we have no political parties to answer to, no lobbyists or businesses to appease, no risk other than the risk of our future at stake. Over 500 youth have fundraised their way here to take a stand, to put our face in the faces of those leaders writing our future.

Change is not only possible, it’s essential. The humanity, the emotion, the personal stories have compelled me near tears today and have rumbled the deepest spirit of movement in my heart.

What can you do, what will you do to rumble the spirits and rally call to those in your community? I invite you to check out the climate justice fast, support them with your words or actions. Light a candle with your friends in honor of those most vulnerable and already impacted by the most adverse effects of climate change on December 11 or 12 with people around the world.

Take a stand. Bring humanity to the forefront of this movement.

rEvolution is here.


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