Famous Arctic explorer celebrate 100 year anniversary of 1913 Canadian Arctic expedition

grand forks heraldBy: Victor Correa, WDAZ
Nov. 6, 2013

Famous arctic explorer Will Steger and the Canadian Consulate General celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the 1913 Canadian Arctic expedition Tuesday at the University of North Dakota. The expedition was led by UND’s own Vailhjalmur Stefansson — and his work influenced Steger’s career.

Stegar says it was Stefansson’s outlook on the arctic that helped shape his own. For nearly 50 years Stegar has been exploring the the polar regions. In that time he’s conducted at least 30 expeditions He was at the centennial celebration today honoring a man who’s helped shape his career.

Polar Explorer Will Steger said, “I’ve been in situations where I’ve had to hunt — because I’m out of food — and I was very relaxed and calm about it and that was because of Stefannson’s influence on me.”

Stefannson’s expedition went from 1913 to 1918.

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