Explorer Will Steger regales Hawley students with tales of adventure


Hawley, MN (WDAY TV) –
He’s a modern day Marco Polo, circling the coldest parts of the world. This afternoon, Hawley students got a rare treat – hearing from explorer and Minnesota native Will Steger.

Will Steger has been exploring the coldest parts of the world, braving the extremes weather has to offer for more than 45 years. He’s the first to traverse Antarctica by dogsled – more than 3,700 miles. Seeing Mother Nature at her worst, he’s now trying to save these parts of the world from extinction.

Will Steger – Explorer and Authoer: “Climate change, the science is totally in on it. I’ve seen the effects, we’re starting to see the effects down here, but the most important thing is we’re starting to see solutions.”

Steger spoke with dozens of 3rd Graders at Hawley Elementary today, telling stories of his journeys and explaining the impacts of climate change.

Will Steger: “It’s just really incredible, these kids know everything. I could’ve talked for eight hours or taught their whole class for a year.”

For these eight and nine year old students, they say the most important thing they’ll take away, is that no matter how old you are, anyone can make a difference.

Anna Kronbeck – 3rd Grader, Hawley Elementary: “I think, ‘let’s just try to do it, like riding your bike to school or turning the light off.’”

Samuel Helgeson – 3rd Grader, Hawley Elementary: “The earth needs me.”

The author, spokesperson and explorer uses his expeditions to encourage change, and he’s not done. In December of 2013, Steger will begin his next adventure, at the age of 69 taking a dogsled across the frozen tundra of Northern Canada.

Steger also gave a lecture on climate change to Hawley High School Students.



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