Expedition Copenhagen Final Report

wsf_mediarecap_expedcopExpedition Copenhagen educated and empowered youth to influence national climate policy and international climate negotiations through an interdisciplinary curriculum, delegation and grassroots advocacy, culminating at the Copenhagen convention (COP15).

The Will Steger Foundation launched Expedition Copenhagen, a Midwest youth delegation to the international climate negotiations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 5-19, 2009, led by internationally renowned polar explorer Will Steger. Delegates assumed a leadership role in a regional climate campaign to pass strong climate legislation leading up to the international negotiations, and also supported the Will Steger Foundation Citizen Climate curriculum in schools across the United States.

The expedition goals were to:

  1. Build U.S. awareness of climate policy and investment in strong participation in the confer- ence.
  2. Highlight the unique role of the Midwest re- gion since the Midwest is a key player in driving national climate policy, public opinion, and the renewable energy revolution.
  3. Bring the U.S. youth voice to the negotiations whose future is at stake.

Download the Expedition Copenhagen Final Report (PDF 2.9 MB)


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