Exciting New Clean Energy Tech

Lately I have been hearing a ton of new creative ways in which clean energy is being created! Things anywhere from cultivating algae to burn as a fuel oil all the way extremely efficient fuel cells, and taping into unlimited solar energy. Energy sources are changing and will continue to change. I am feeling hopeful that the transition is happening to these new clean energy technologies.

I have to admit that one of the technologies that I am really fascinated by are the fuel cells. Particularly the Bloom Energy Fuel Cells, these not only not have to combust fuel (which causes way less GHG emission) but also may use a variety of hydrocarbons as fuel (bio fuel are a type of hydrocarbon) . The really exciting thing about this fuel cell is that one of its by-products is Hydrogen which could be used to fuel up hydrogen vehicles! The idea behind this type of fuel cell is that eventually home owners could get one of these fuel cells (once prices start coming down) and install them at home. With this not only would homeowners be able to generate their own electricity at home, but excess energy could also be sold to the grid and all of this while reducing GHG emissions exponentially from the system.

Another extremely interesting source of energy that is being studied right now is the Space Solar Power. This is not your regular photovoltaic system, this is a grand scale mirror arrangements done in space that would project solar radiation to a pad on earth where the energy could be captured. Check out more details on this technology here. It would theoretically be a source of energy that produces no GHG emissions and that could be tapped into 24-7.

There are many new resources for clean energy that are either here, or still coming down the road. We just need to make sure to be aware of this and start making the transition from dirty old fossil fuels to the energy of the future!


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