EPA’s Climate Rule is Delayed, More of a Dangerous Trend

“Greenhouse gases for power plants is first on the docket,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said on the sidelines of an event in San Francisco. “Although we are not going to make the date at the end of the month, we are still working and will be shortly announcing a new schedule.”On Thursday, the EPA announced another delay that is part of a dangerous trend. Just weeks after Obama chose to delay critical air quality standards for smog, his administration announced a delay for New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), which will help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

With extreme weather events becoming the new normal, the costs of inaction on climate change are more apparent. This year’s unprecedented floods, storms, and fires tell us that we are in a race against time to curb this dangerous pollution.

Americans support and are demanding fundamental EPA protections against life-threatening pollution, and it’s in America’s long-term economic interest to transition away from dirty fuels to clean energy.

Taking a little more time to get it done right is one thing. Punting on EPA’s duty to protect our children and our planet would be utterly unacceptable.

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