Environmental Sustainability Partner Highlight: Climate Generation

In cooperation with GO Minnesota’s Environmental Sustainability Program, Climate Generation (CG), a leader in go minneotaclimate change education and youth climate leadership, will lead a two-day climate change and energy education program and tour of green facilities in the Twin Cities metro area with their education staff.

Climate Generation has been educating and empowering people to engage in solutions to climate change since 2006. CG’s unique story stems from their founder Will Steger, who uses his compelling eyewitness account of the consequences of a warming world from over 50 years of polar exploration as a means to engage people in the issue and solutions.

Based in Minneapolis, Climate Generation engages emerging youth leaders, educators, decision-makers and the public to foster climate literacy and action with the goal of building a more equitable and sustainable future for all. For nearly 10 years, CG has been building climate literacy and action among educators, youth and the broader public with tangible results at the local to state level in terms of awareness, direct engagement and public policy wins.

Over 1,000 educators a year are reached through the education program through its resources, curriculum and professional development. Over 100 young leaders are engaged in creating solutions on their campuses and in their communities, mentored by CG staff.

Will Steger’s very personal and compelling eyewitness to climate change presentation has inspired over 60,000 Minnesotans to take action in their homes, congregations and communities since he began presenting in 2006, which also led Minnesota to pass nation-leading renewable energy legislation, aggressive carbon reduction goals, and most recently a solar energy standard.

Climate Generation’s education program supports educators, students and the public with science-based, interdisciplinary educational resources on climate change, its implications and solutions to achieve climate literacy.

CG is a recognized leader locally, regionally and nationally for developing climate change curriculum and delivering effective professional development for educators on climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In December 2014, Climate Generation’s education program was recognized by the White House for their work. Among the 600 educators they have directly trained over the years includes a White House Champion of Change, a Minnesota Environmental Educator of the Year and a Science Teacher of the year.

The Climate Literacy program for GO MN will draw on CG expertise in youth empowerment, curriculum development and supporting people to engage in solutions to climate change. Students will be guided through Climate Generation’s educational program, including lesson plans, action resources, and engage in hands-on climate change activities. The focus is to increase the connections the students will make to their everyday life and motivate them to positively reduce the impact that climate change is having on our society.  The format for the program will be action-oriented, multi-disciplinary, collaborative and hands-on.

The goals for the program are:

  • To provide base knowledge on climate change and its implications using a multi-disciplinary approach
  • To engage participants in critical thinking about the complexities and tradeoffs of  climate change solutions
  • To evoke in each student a sense of their own “climate story”
  • To inspire further engagement in climate change solutions among participants in their home countries and engage students in cross-cultural learning

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