Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program

YEA! MNThe 2014-15 Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program is underway! This year the Will Steger Foundation is matching young climate leaders and veteran staff at environmental organizations across the Midwest in strategic conversations to discuss and problem-solve some of our most pressing questions:
Why are young people less excited about federal policy campaigns?
What does a just transition away from fossil fuels actually look like?
How can we re-think our financial structures to re-invest in local solutions?
How can we better integrate equity into traditional organizing and mobilizing tactics?
How do we make room for everyone at the table without slowing everything down?
These are a just some of the conversations that will be happening over the next eight months, with guiding questions and activities to foster rapport-building, dialogue, and insight. We are also excited to launch interactive platforms to share insight across our participant pool, and dig deeper together into common themes as they surface.
In contrast to traditional mentorship models, this program takes an egalitarian approach and values each participant as a teacher and learner. Both participants are matched according to their strengths/experience and the questions they are pursuing – with the goal of building lasting relationships and providing powerful learning opportunities that translate into personal/professional development and movement growth.
The Mentorship program is made possible with support from the RE-AMP Network. (www.reamp.org). Contact Savannah Duby for more information: savannah@willstegerfoundation.org


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