Education Objectives

Education Objectives

The Global Warming 101 Ellesmere Island Expedition raises public awareness of the impacts of climate change in the high Arctic, connects people emotively to the area, illuminates the nature of science, publicizes scientific investigations in the polar regions, and empowers the next generation of young leaders to take action.

Learners, educators and the public who follow the Global Warming 101 Ellesmere Island Expedition will:

  • Learn the basics of how the atmosphere works, how human activity contributes to global climate change, how Arctic warming impacts global climate, ecosystems and people, how their home regions are likely to be impacted by global warming, and actions they can take to slow climate change and be part of the solution.
  • Utilize the Will Steger Foundation’s lesson plans approved by National Geographic and the Union of Concerned Scientists. These lesson plans provide the basic information needed to become an informed, engaged citizen able to understand the issue of climate change and take effective action on climate change solutions.
  • Experience the adventure of a dogsled expedition via daily multimedia dispatches that highlight the animals, people, beauty and history of the high Arctic. This personal connection to the Arctic will help develop the environmental sensitivity and feelings of ownership that are critical predictors of responsible environmental behavior.
  • Learn from young leaders who are making significant contributions towards global warming solutions. During the expedition, the Global Warming 101 website will highlight adventurous young people who are positive role models their peers and are taking action to solve our climate crisis. Global Warming 101 will support the International Polar Year’s efforts at recruiting youth and young scientists to help with the global effort.

    Click Here to download the Ellesmere Expedition Objectives (PDF)


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