Day One: The Adventure Begins!

Base Camp

This morning, we had a great kickoff event at the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. Awesome representatives of Will Steger Foundation, Carrot Mob, 1Sky, Oxfam America,and Environment Minnesota were in attendance. There was a lot good energy and enthusiasm to get us started on the right pedal (as opposed to the left pedal). Cheers accompanied our departure as we set off into the snowy landscape.

Encounters with Alternative Energy

To get out of the metro area, we chose to travel along the Gateway Trail (which winds past Maia’s house!). The trees were beginning to turn a beautiful array of autumn colors. As we were travelling down the gateway trail, we saw in the distance a familiar snowman, along with a new sight. North St. Paul is famed for its plastery year round “s(no)w” man. Alongside was a new icon: the wind turbine. Approaching these landmarks, we smelled the nasty fumes of a nearby industrial facility, and we were glad that the turbine suggests a move in a cleaner direction. If you are interested in more information about this turbine’s interesting story, click here.

We met a nice gentlemen from North St. Paul who explained that the wind turbine was going to begin activation in November. Along the trail, we had a series of encounters with friendly locals interested in alternative energy. Next we met Gwen & Gus. Here is a great quote from Gus (Movie soon to be posted): “Clean energy should be the norm for the United States; that’s our future. The past is oil and we can’t afford it any more. Congress should set a floor on clean energy pricing so that we get investment in clean technology…. We just can’t afford to do what we’ve done in the past.”

Next we met a wonderful couple walking their Corgy. Unfortunately we did not record their names, however one of them took great interest in our Day of Action and wanted to come to the Capitol event on the 24th. She wrote a powerful message in our Expedition Copenhagen notebook that we would like to share with you:

I long for Copenhagen
When it’s green
The planet is all
it’s everything the life
I will be thinking of the table
in Copenhagen and what will I
do while you talk I will see green
Broadcast across the Planet the
blue and green. The sun is a star
There are billions of stars
May we save our planet and meet
our destiny. Be persuasive. Ask for
promises. Find ways to keep our
planet beautiful-

We ran into some obstacles along the way, but all in all our day was incredible.

We got to State Auditor Rebecca Otto’s beautiful house before dark, in time to see her windmill turning and feel the welcome warmth of her geothermal heating. Her home is 80% powered by renewable energy. Thanks so much, Rebecca, for your hospitality!

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