Day 26

chainsPosition: N 78° 35′ W 095° 24′
Distance Traveled: 8 km / 4 mi

Another day in the fun, rough ice. We had one of our most difficult working days today, and made a very short distance. We push and drag the heavy sleds over big blocks of ice. There are many beautiful ice sculptures to pass by.

It is late April, and springtime is here in the Arctic too. Nice and sunny with 24-hour light. But we cannot smell the green grass and trees; the only smell around is pretty much dog poo and bad smelling people.

When the day is over and it is time to camp, the first thing we do is put out the drop chains for the dogs. We string them out in a square and fasten it in the corners with ice screws. When the dogs are out of their harness and on their spot, we feed them a block of very high calorie dog food. Then it is time to put up our tents inside the squarer and prepare for supper. After a good portion of food we usually write in our journals, read or repair broken equipment.
Around 11 p.m. we curl up in our warm sleeping bags and sleep like rocks.

We are loving life on the ice.



Norwegian Translation:

Dag 26
Distanse: 8 km / 5 mi

Dagens okt har muligens vaert en Av de toffeste,men vi har desverre ikke beveget oss langt. Pakkis I hytt og pine. Vi dytter og drar sledene opp ned isfjell, beveger oss med museskritt for oyeblikket.

Det er vaar her I arktis ogsaa, men det er ingen lukter av gront gra eller bjorke knopper. Det eneste som lukter er hundeskjit og illelutende mennesker…

Det forste vi gjor naar dagen er over er aa sette opp kjettingene for hundene I en stor firkant. Vi fester dem I hjornene med
Is skruer. Etter hundene er paa plass forer vi dem hoy calorie hundefor. Vi setter opp teltene vaare inne I firkanten for isbjornbeskyttelse, koker middag, leser, skriver og hopper inn I vaare varme Bergans soveposer.

God natt,


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