Day 1 COP21

Dear Readers and Followers of COP21 events,

2015-12-05-12-45-38-FullSizeRenderToday I arrived in Paris after an overnight flight. On the trip here, I picked up the November issue of National Geographic, which is all about climate change. Some of the photography of that magazine tells it all. I suggest you take a look!

Other news is that we found out that we will meet with President Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, either Tuesday or Wednesday morning! This will be a great time for me to pass along the video of the ISD 197 student testimonies in support of climate action.

2015-12-05-12-45-18-FullSizeRender_1We will also have a meeting that includes top climate scientist, Bill McKibben, who wrote one the the most influential books (‘eaarth’) for me to understand the urgency of climate change work. I highly recommend reading any and all of his works!

I am excited to share more details as I begin attending functions tomorrow!!

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