Collaboration with Youth

5451003523 ca00aa66d9_bYouth have a lot at stake when it comes to how current policies will impact them now and in the future. They are also an important constituency. According to data projections from the Minnesota State Demographic Center, youth will make up 22% of eligible voters in the 2012 elections.

The Will Steger Foundation has been engaging young people in public policy since we launched our Emerging Leaders Program in 2008.  Youth today are ensuring decision-makers represent their interests and are voting to protect their health and the climate, and to build the green economy in which they hope to work.

In a campaign to protect the Clean Air Act from 2011-2012, we partnered with MPIRG and YEA! MN to complete the following actions:

  • Coordinated a meeting with Senator Franken’s staff and youth leaders.
  • Coordinated a meeting with Senator Klobuchar’s staff and youth leaders.
  • Delivered over 1,150 postcards from youth across the state.
  • Delivered a letter to Senator Klobuchar signed by 11 youth orgs representing over 90,000 Minnesotans.
  • Coordinated a statewide call in day that generated over 400 calls in one day to Senator Klobuchar’s DC office.
  • Coordinated a Facebook day of action where over 200 people tagged Senator Klobuchar’s facebook page, asking her to stand up for clean air.
  • Generated 11 media hits written by students across the state.
  • Delivered 83 handwritten letters from constituents across the state.
  • Partnered with numerous cultural student groups and the Sierra Club to host Clean Air: The New Civil Rights Struggle.


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