Collaboration with Attorneys

Postcard-Drop-MThe Will Steger Foundation partnered with Minnesota’s legal community by having over 40 attorneys sign-on to a letter to Senator Klobuchar urging her to reject any legislation that could undermine the powerful environmental and public health protections within the Clean Air Act. (Letter to Senator Klobuchar PDF 57KB)

Republican U.S. senator, David Durenberger authored Don’t undercut Clean Air Act in the Star Tribune. In this piece, Durenberger highlights the bipartisan history of the Clean Air Act and urges current policymakers not to roll back an effort that was so fair and so effective.

The Clean Air Act is one of the great public-health achievements of American history — especially for kids.,” says Durenberger, “Today, the EPA is in the process of acting on recent scientific findings to update and modernize air pollution standards as we envisioned over two decades ago.”


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