Climate Youth Kick-Off 2017

Our YEA! MN program began the school year with the first annual Climate Youth Kick-off, drawing 20 students from across the Twin Cities metro area for a day of workshops and hands-on practice with tools they can replicate at their schools and in their communities. The Kick-off was co-led by student leaders, Climate Generation staff, and our partner organizations iMatter, Sunrise Movement, and Sierra Club.

We are proud of the successes and inspired action from our event:

  • Five students said the Kick-off was their first time calling their legislator. They called to demand that their U.S. Congressperson support hurricane relief to Puerto Rico.
  • Students learned that they can get solar installed on their schools at no cost to the district, and the profits of the solar energy production can be shared with neighbors of all incomes. Students at two schools are now working to pursue that project.
  • 80% of attendees learned about an action campaign that they had previously not engaged with before, and at least 35% have engaged with the campaigns since this event. Here are the campaign workshops we featured:
    • iMatter: Youth get city councils to commit to zero carbon by 2040 and help lead the changes to meet that goal.
    • Sunrise Movement: Youth organize their peers to get fossil fuel money out of elections and elect climate justice champions in 2018 and 2020.
    • Stop Line 3: A movement to prevent a new tar sands oil pipeline from being built through northern Minnesota.
  • 100% of attendees reported that the Kick-off helped them feel more confident to lead action on climate change.
  • 100% of attendees reported that the Kick-off helped them understand what climate justice means.
  • 100% of attendees reported that the Kick-off helped them feel a sense of community around climate change action.

Thanks to our Supporters

Thanks to Hennepin County Green Partners Program, Still Ain’t Satisfied Foundation, and Patagonia for supporting our YEA! MN Program and making this event possible. Thanks to the students in the YEA! MN Core for planning and leading the event!

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