Climate Lessons Update – November 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators

Our COP23 delegates are headed to Bonn, Germany this week to observe the international climate negotiations! Our multi-sector delegation of nine Minnesotans features representatives from education, law, philanthropy, youth, elected officials, and indigenous communities. Despite the lack of federal commitment to the Paris Agreement, the United States is still showing up through local, state, and business representation. Following the Window Into COP23 blogs and webinars is a unique opportunity to get a first hand account of history being made through the eyes of our delegates.

During the first week you’ll hear from five delegates, including Ian, a high school student who is “excited to meet other young people who are trying to do something about climate change where they live.” Week 2 will feature four delegates, including middle school student Adri, who is “interested in learning more about how nations across the globe come together to solve an important problem.”

Show your commitment to international climate action and sign up to follow our COP23 delegation.

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz
Education Program
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Climate Generation Happenings

Climate Legacy Time Capsule: Submit your testimonial for future generations

Climate Generation invites you to be a part of history. Just as our delegates attending COP23 are showing why climate action is important to them, we invite you to think about the legacy you and your students want to leave and what you would say to future generations if you had the chance. Submit your classroom’s letters or personal artifacts on our website or mail them in to our office for the Climate Legacy Time Capsule, and we will hand deliver them on the Day of Dedication — November 18th — to the State Capitol in St. Paul. Those out of Minnesota can find sites around the country.

NSTA Conference

Join us at the Regional NSTA Conference in Milwaukee, WI next week. Our Education Coordinator, Jenna Totz will be exhibiting during the entire conference. Come say hi and check out our resources and professional development opportunities. Jenna will also present twice on Friday, November 10th.

Climate Change and the Mississippi: Meet Us at the Confluence Workshop

Attend our one-day Climate Change and the Mississippi Workshop with the National Parks Service, Mississippi Park Connection, and Fort Snelling State Park on December 9th at Fort Snelling State Park. Participants will learn about the science, impacts, and solutions of climate change right here in the Midwest. You will hear from experts working in the field and take part in activities that you can implement with your students right away.

Sign up for the #TeachClimate Network

Join our #TeachClimate Network for an opportunity to discuss climate change education, as well as read a few cli-fi books. Call in when you can and please encourage your colleagues to come, too. We will be discussing climate hope (and The World We Made) for our Nov 15th meeting. It’s ok if you don’t read the book, join the call anyway! Sign up to receive information and the webinar link.

Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

June 26-28, 2018
St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN
Join a network of teachers from across the country dedicated to bringing science, critical thinking, and problem solving about climate change into the classroom at our 13th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education.


Climate Change and the Pacific Islands

Communities in the Pacific Islands are already feeling the impacts of sea level rise, extreme weather events, and other evidence of climate change. COP23 starts next week, hosted by Fiji, and these media resources will help student examine ecosystems on volcanic high islands and low-lying atolls and the climate-related threats to these ecosystems.

What We’re Reading

The World We Made — hopeful teaching of climate change

Stories from the Field

Meet Our COP23 Delegation: John Olson, MN State Science Specialist

Moment of Inspiration

This year, with Fiji as the President of COP23, the Pacific region will show the world what true climate leadership is. We will highlight for the world what climate change in the Pacific looks like and how inaction on climate change exacerbates that threat.

As Pacific Climate Warriors from across the Pacific region representing various grassroots, frontline and indigenous communities, and with support from around the world, we are calling for world leaders to commit to building a better, more just world for ourselves and for generations to come.

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