Climate Lessons Update – June 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators

Our COP21 Education Ambassadors in Paris December 2015. They remain committed to climate change education and action despite the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

The importance of your work as climate change educators — preparing today’s students to be climate literate, action competent, global citizens — became all the more important June 1 as the President announced his intention to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. At Climate Generation, we find hope and focus as we plan for the 50 teachers representing 10+ states from around the country who are arriving for our Summer Institute in three weeks; in the overwhelmingly positive response to the release of our Climate Convenings Toolkit; and in your personal notes of support as the news of the Paris Agreement came in.

Keep doing what you do. Share your work with others. Know we have your back.

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz
Education Program
Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Climate Generation Happenings

Last chance for Climate Change Education

In the 11 years that we’ve been holding Summer Institutes for Climate Change Education, we’ve worked with over 700 educators to increase their confidence and competence to teach climate change in their classrooms. Join this cohort of trained climate change educators – register today for the 2017 Summer Institute! The deadline to register is coming up fast, on June 8. Click here to read more and to sign up.

Climate Convenings Toolkit

When it comes to implementing climate change solutions, local communities are powerfully positioned to create an undercurrent of momentum and ambitious pathways to change that our national and global leaders cannot easily ignore. Yet in many communities, there are significant gaps in climate literacy, political will, and awareness of tangible climate action opportunities. To bridge this gap, Climate Generation has developed a best practices guide – the Climate Convenings Toolkit – that shares our model and method for hosting public convenings on climate change at the community level.


CLEAN Collection now Aligned with the NGSS

There are multiple ways you can search this robust collection of classroom resources using NGSS:

  • NGSS browse – a user-friendly search portal into the collection
  • NGSS at a Glance – overview of all NGSS standards that are relevant to climate and energy with clickable resource links
  • Use the regular search interface and use the filters on the right

Climate Storybook

Anita, Simon, and Dennis take a science adventure with Anita’s dad and learn that climate change affects the whole wide world. Download the Climate Module storybook: What is the World Is Happening to Our Climate? and learning activities! Click here to access the NGSS Alignment of the storybook and learning activities.

Find your most climate-friendly car

How climate friendly electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars are depends on where you charge them. The Climate-Friendly Car Guide allows you to compare specific 2017 model-year cars effectively by using your state’s most recent electricity grid.

Bringing Crosscutting Concepts to Life

Crosscutting concepts are the third and often forgotten dimension when teaching science. In the past, crosscutting concepts have not always been part of science instruction. Read a blog from a teacher about incorporating cross cutting concepts in elementary school or check out classroom resources from NSTA.

What we’re reading

Need a little summer reading? Check out Goodreads selection of climate change books including some of our favorites: Drawdown, New York 2140, Merchants of Doubt, and Flight Behavior.

Stories from the Field

We were recently recognized for our public engagement project: Climate Minnesota— over 1,100 people and 100 organizations across the state of Minnesota.

Moment of Inspiration

Kid President’s Pep Talk for the World

This is a call to action to people all over the world. Sure, there’s lots of work to do, but there’s lots of awesome people out there in the world like you.

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