Climate Lesson Update: October, 2013

MNMap1003 Clean v2-1Registration is open for the 2014 Summer Institute on Climate Change and Energy Education The Midwest’s climate change education event of the year!

August 4-6th, 2014
at the Audubon Center of the North Woods, Sandstone, MN

Come to The Institute to:

  • Connect to Minnesota and regional educators who care about quality teaching and social/environmental issues.
  • Be Revitalized by the quiet woods and placid Grindstone Lake (yes, there will be time for paddling).
  • Prime for a remarkable school year by inspiring keynotes and guest scientists.
  • Get pumped up through trainings in award-winning curriculum: Minnesota’s Changing Climate or Experience Energy.

Register today and Find more information on our website

(Live in Hennepin County? The Hennepin County Green Partners Seed grant can be used to cover costs of attending The Institute! Learn more about the grant program here.)

LCCMR-logoWe’ve had some exciting news this month: The Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) recommended that our latest environmental education project, Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate, receive $325,000 of funding! While this is not the full amount we requested, this is still great news. In short, this two-year project aims to collect and share stories on climate impacts here in Minnesota in forums, training’s and workshops around the state and an interactive website (like this one: This announcement is big news and our chances of receiving this funding are great. But, the funding still needs to be approved by the legislature, so, keep your fingers crossed!

(Read about all of the LCCMR projects here. There are so many great project ideas!)

There has never been a more important time to take on new climate education and action projects. New reports are coming out everyday. Cultures and animals are threatened with decline and extinction. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) was released in September (read about it here) and reaffirms their earlier, internationally respected assertions that (1) the climate is changing across the planet and (2) it’s extremely likely to be driven by human activity, namely, burning fossil fuels. These things get us fired up and ready to take on new actions.

PS logoThat’s why we supported 200 Minnesota high-school and college-aged youth to attend Powershift 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA last week. Powershift always lives up to its promises to be the national climate movement event of the year, especially for young people. Read this story of one of our organizers – the incredible Savannah Duby! – as she prepares to leave for the event. You can learn more about Powershift here. We’re excited to support all of our youth leaders as they turn their new inspiration and ideas into projects here in MN!

Join us in our effort to lead climate solutions with any of the following opportunities for educators:

Youth Voices of Change is back and better than ever! Get your students, grades 4-12 into this, the climate change youth video contest, for chances to win great prizes, and recognition for their video efforts online and at the 2014 MN State Fair.

Whether their videos raise awareness about an issue they care about or show-off an action project or proposal, they are eligible to participate. Other rules apply, so check out the website for more info.

icon curricresourcesMore good opportunities and resources include :

  • Project Polar Bear is offering professional development courses this fall. They are a program challenging youth leaders to make a difference through community projects
  • Science ToGo has a new website that is all about climate change (and we think you’ll appreciate Ozzie the Ostrich)
  • The Kraft family are on the move – Now their in Peru! Follow their around-the-world environmentally-focused trip here:
  • TOLBYs Wanted! The TOLBY program is hiring a TOLBY mascot! Earn $50 per gig. Must be flexible during the workday. Contact Emma Shriver for more info:
  • Green For All is an organization we admire, so we’re showing-off their climate change website here:

Moment of Inspiration

“The Next 20 years are going to be more important than the last 20 years” – Marshall Pecore talks about the future of forestry and new hope for the native Menominee people in Wisoconsin (source: Climate Wisconsin)

Forestry | Climate Wisconsin from Wisconsin Media Lab on Vimeo.


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