Climate Lesson Update – November 2014

Letter to Climate Change Educators

Curricula ResourcesWe’re so excited to be able to share with you our newly edited curricula that is taking over the November Climate Lesson Update! You can download the newest versions of the Will Steger Foundation Curriculum Suite here. Each guide was edited and updated this summer with the newest information and standards; including language arts, social studies, science, and Next Generation Science Standards. Below you will find links to each of our climate change and energy education curricula guides. Each link gives you the opportunity to download the curriculum free, find related online resources, and print off individual worksheets and activity pages.

Citizen Climate 9-12

Experience Energy 3-8

Minnesota’s Changing Climate 3-8

Minnesota’s Changing Climate 9-12

Our Changing Climate 3-6

Our Changing Climate 6-12

AND for even more exciting news and an opportunity to get copies of our newly revised curricula our 10th annual Summer Institute is now open for registration! The workshop will be held on June 15-17, 2015.

Kristen Poppleton & Jenna Totz

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Letter to Climate Change Educators
WSF Happenings
Stories from the Field
Moment of Inspiration

What we’re reading

Each of our curriculum guides feature several readings for students to learn about climate change and energy use. In Our Changing Climate 6-12 (Lesson 3), students will read about Communities of Living Things (polar bears, plant communities, etc.) and how they are all affected by climate change. We look forward to integrating these themes at The Wild Face of Climate Change workshop at the Minnesota Zoo, November 22.  REGISTER TODAY!

Stories from the Field

Did you know Our Minnesota’s Changing Climate curriculum has an interactive, online classroom component?  Visit Minnesota’s biomes virtually through interactive panoramas, videos of Will Steger and scientists in the field, and read historical journal entries from visitors to each of Minnesota’s unique biomes.

mn cc video oneduc

WSF Happenings

Summer Institute

10th Annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education

Join us June 15-17, 2015 for a chance to hear from experts in climate science, climate change education, and climate solutions. You will also engage in hands-on activities and learn how our curriculum supports language arts, social students, and science standards (including Next Generation Science Standards). Register and learn more here.

Resources from the Climate Change Community

Our Changing Climate 3-6Did you know we have a curriculum guide dedicated to language arts and climate change education? Our Changing Climate 3-6 curriculum features lessons teaching climate change basics and how to use persuasive strategies to communicate about it. Lesson 3 helps students answer the question “What can be done about climate change?” During the lesson they identify actions that can be taken to slow climate change and develop a greenhouse gas reduction action plan for their school.

Moment of Inspiration

Over the years we have had an amazing variety of keynote speakers at our Summer Institute including Dr. James Hansen, Dr. Naomi Oreskes and Dr. Genie Scott.  For our 2012 Summer Institute (and again in 2014) we were fortunate enough to have Dr. John Abraham speak. He delivered a powerful presentation about climate change research and the importance of science educators. “I view the science teachers, such as yourselves as the people on the front line of this issue and the people who we researching scientists need to reach out to.”  Stay tuned for announcements of dynamic speakers as we celebrate our tenth year!


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