Climate Lesson Update: November 2012

November 13th was the first day that students and teachers returned to school in Long Beach, NY after superstorm Sandy.  According to one source, 4,000 New York City students and their school staff have been impacted, missing weeks of school.  While missing school is certainly not the most dramatic of Sandy’s effects, we stand by teachers and students in our programming and our hearts go out to them and all those affected by severe weather this year.  

We know that climate change increases the chances of extreme weather like Sandy that can impact anyone around the world.  Climate change has been compared to a baseball player on steroids, batting extreme weather more often with every ton of CO2 emitted.  We don’t want to stack the odds against us and our children.

In the WSF blog this month, Kristen Iverson Poppleton reminds us that, we believe our students can be heroes of brighter future, even when it’s hard to remain hopeful.  Furthermore, we know America is poised at an energy and climate crossroads, with the:

“opportunity to not just talk about the reality and urgency of climate change, but to move forward with a clean energy clean air agenda” writes Nicole Rom, WSF Executive Director

We have 200 FREE TICKETS for you to see the acclaimed film “Chasing Ice – Consider taking your students and colleagues to see the show, which tells the visually stunning story of climate change.  Screening at the UPTOWN Cinema, December 7-13 (5 showings each day). Contact us today for tickets and information.  Bring your entire class!


For Students: See Bill McKibben speak for FREE and join Minnesota youth leaders to develop statewide activism during the weekend of Nov. 30th with MN350, Yea!MN and MNYEN.  It’s called “Climate Math that Works.  Know young people who want to get involved?  Event details and registration info available here online

One professional development opportunity for you, before we go: the “Not Serious Climate and Energy Book Club” will discuss Exodus by  Julie Bertagna.  The book club will take place on a conference call Friday, November 30th at 4:30pm CST.  For more information email Susan Buhr,



However you participate in climate change solutions this month, in or out of your classroom:  Thank you.

John Smith

Education Assistant

P.S.  Born after 1985, like me?  Then you have never lived through a colder-than-average month on earth … that’s right: ever.  Read more today in Grist.


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