Climate Lesson Update: May 2013

Mauna Loa Observatory Observed Atmospheric CO2, May 2013

This is a problem for humans – but other life on Earth is in for trouble too. The snowshoe hare, for example, cannot change it’s camouflage fast enough to match climate change. Worldwide, plants and animals are predicted to lose over 50% of their habitat ranges due to a changing climate. Some of this from sea-level rise, but mostly due to changing patterns of weather, temperature and precipitation (no, not tornadoes).

It’s bad news – and hard to wrap one’s mind around (as you can see from the conflicting opinion polls from Yale and many other organizations). But one thing is clear: we’re not just sitting on our hands – we’re getting down to business!

Here are some ways to get your hands dirty:

It’s professional development season – check out these opportunities:

Let’s call this the Grand Finale of the school year – make it remarkable,

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