Climate Lesson Update – June 2014

Letter to Climate Change Educators


June has been marked with monumental achievements in the fight to prevent climate change. Let’s break it down:


  • June 2nd: The US Environmental Protection Agency announced carbon emissions standards limiting America’s existing power plants. (source)
  • June 3rd: China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, announced a plan to set an absolute cap on CO2 emissions in 2016 when they write their next 5-year plan. (source)
  • June 14th: President Obama gives a commencement address to UC Irvine that is almost entirely about climate change (source)
  • June 17th: The UK signed an agreement with China to collaborate on climate change policy and technology solutions (source)


These are ambitious movements by the countries who are looked-to in all international climate change negotiations and who have a long track record of slow action on the issue (neither the US or China having ever signed any binding international climate change agreement.) Another reason they are looked-to is because these countries are among the top greenhouse gas polluters.

It’s obvious: these actions are reason for optimism. However, it’s also true that action at this scale is complex and embattled. To get a grasp on international and national climate change policy and strategy, and how international negotiation events like the Conference of Parties (COP) work, check out our Citizen Climate Curriculum, free to download online.

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What we’re reading
Students organize for petition to get climate change education into NYC schools. Read more about it, and spread the petition here.


Stories from the Field
Local urban science educator Tim Chase wins award for Formal Environmental Educator of the Year. We have been working closely with Mr. Chase and his outdoor experiences with Murray Junior High School. He will receive his award this Saturday at Minnesota’s Environmental Education Conference. Congratulations, Mr. Chase!

WSF Happenings

Can professional development happen at the beach? In the woods? Join us for the 2014 Summer Institute: where your next summer adventure and professional growth are waiting. The details and online registration form are available in detail on our event webpage.

Resources from the Climate Change Community

Image31. Educators depend on WSF for resources. Learn more …

2. NOAA released new climate change toolkit for decision makers. Learn more …

Image43. Call for presentations at the MN Naturalist Association Conference. Learn more …

4. Three jobs or internships available with the Will Steger Foundation. Learn more …



Moment of Inspiration

President Obama’s commencement address at UC Irvine is all about climate change. Read the full text here on Watch the full speech here:


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