Climate Generation Statement on Bipartisan Legislation for a 50% RES in MN

Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith

Today, Lt. Governor Tina Flint Smith announced a new bipartisan effort to increase Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard to 50% by 2030. Climate Generation leaders issued the following statements in response:

Nicole Rom, Executive Director: “We’re thrilled to see the Dayton administration and Republican legislators come out in support for bipartisan advancement of Minnesota’s clean energy policy. It’s been 10 years since we passed our first Renewable Energy Standard, and it’s time for our state to regain a leadership role in the much-needed transition to a just, secure and climate-resilient clean energy future.”

Will Steger, Founder, Polar Explorer: “I applaud Governor Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Smith for their public support of a 50% Renewable Energy Standard. Given the increasing urgency of our changing climate, and the jobs and economic benefits that will accrue from Minnesota’s growing clean energy industry, a strengthened Renewable Energy Standard is the right thing to do for the future of our state and for our young people. I urge all legislators to come together and pass this strong, forward-thinking clean energy policy.”

Claire Mathews-Lingen, YEA! MN Youth Policy Intern: “I was 7 years old when the Next Generation Energy Act passed 10 years ago. In the decade that has passed, I have expanded my knowledge of clean energy and become a passionate advocate for climate justice.┬áIn 10 years, I want kids who are 7 right now to be able to say that Minnesota is leading the nation when it comes to clean energy, and the quality of our environment. We need forward thinking legislation now to make this happen, and I am happy to see our Governor and Lt. Governor come out in support of stronger clean energy policy.”

For more information, see the Dayton administration’s news release on the announcement.

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