Citizens Support Clean Air

Polling shows that there is broad public support for the Clean Air Act and EPA nationwide. The League of Conservation Voters released polling by the Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies demonstrating very strong support for EPA work to reduce greenhouse gasses. They found that 71 percent of Americans polled support requiring reductions in carbon emissions, including a solid majority of Republican voters. Click Here to read the full report. [PDF]

In Minnesota, we have worked with health professionals, attorneys, youth, and many other Will Steger Foundation partners to demonstrate this broad public support to our political leaders. A few highlights include :

  • We engaged over 40 Minnesota attorneys in signing on to a letter that encouraged our Senators to remain strong on clean air protections.
  • We collected over 1,000 postcards from youth with help from MPIRG and YEA! MN.
  • We secured op-eds by Will Steger, Senator Durenberger and over 10 youth published in papers across the state.
  • We hosted forums in Grand Rapids and Princeton, MN, attended by over 600 people, which received considerable media attention.
  • We convened meetings between Senator Klobuchar’s staff and youth leaders, health professionals, and our own staff.

Our Collaboration

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