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In anticipation of the upcoming showing of Chasing Ice, we pulled together some resources that could help extend learning about climate change and ice and why it is important.  If you are interested in introducing the implications of warming in the Arctic, lesson 4 of our Grades 6-12 Global Warming 101 curriculum provides a nice overview.  If you want get a more in depth overview of the Arctic, check out our online Arctic Community Curriculum.

NEW! Free Chasing Ice App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  This app shows the before and after images of glaciers and frozen places captured in the film Chasing Ice by National Gographic Photographer Jim Balog.

In the following video, taken on the Will Steger Foundation’s Baffin Island expedition, Will Steger talks about glacier loss in the Arctic.


If you haven’t seen the news about ice in Antarctica actually growing and the connection with the Arctic.  The following videos are great introductions and also offer the chance to discuss how each video introduces the issue.  Which video do you prefer?  Why?



NASA’s Global Ice Viewer gives a nice overview of the status of ice around the world.

If you are taking students to Chasing Ice, ask them to write up their “elevator speech” about why understanding ice melt in the Arctic is important and share it with someone they meet at the theater!  Please share their responses with us at


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