On the Picket Line with Libby

I am a YEA! Network member and a junior at Southwest High School in Minneapolis, and as a Minneapolis Public School student I had an out-of-the-ordinary March. Minneapolis educators went on strike for the first time in 50 years, demanding smaller class sizes, mental health resources for students, increased workforce diversity, and improved wages and […]

Youth activists are keeping the climate change conversations alive!

When I first started volunteering with YEA! (Youth Environmental Activists), I found myself yearning for something to make me feel as though I was doing it for the greater good. I am an 18-year-old Black female that has never been strongly involved with climate advocacy, nor was I planning on it. I am planning to […]

YEA!’s Youth Climate Justice Summit; Inspiration at its Core

When you ask me to describe what it was like attending Youth Environmental Activists’ [YEA!’s] Youth Climate Justice Summit, the first word that comes to my mind is inspiring. Climate change is a harrowing matter, and often we find ourselves devoid of any hope of climate action. I attended the summit thinking the two-day virtual […]

For youth, by youth: an inside look at the Youth Climate Justice Summit

As I nervously enter the room with my Earth Club, our state representative shifts her head towards our direction. Attending the Youth Climate Justice Summit in 2019 was the first time I ever lobbied or even talked to a legislator. Yet after getting a warm welcome from her, I felt comfortable and knew why I […]

Day of Action for a Fossil Free Future

On Friday October 29th, 2021 youth organizers, artists, culture bearers and community members from Mni Sota gathered to join the International Indigenous Youth Council – Twin Cities chapter with Indigneous Roots, Rainforest Action Network, MN350, COPAL MN, Climate Justice Committee, Climate Generation, MIRAC, and UMN Students for Climate Justice  to demand JP Morgan Chase stop […]

Why I Started to Care About Climate Change, and You Should Too

My climate journey started at the beginning of my senior year in high school. By that time I’d heard of climate change and knew the effects it had on our planet, but I wasn’t formally taught about global warming growing up. Due to the lack of climate education in public schools, it was not something […]

Youth Action Fun(d) Highlight: Climate Justice Book Drive

Climate change education is essential. Our world is on fire in the current climate crisis, and any information pertaining to it cannot be accessible in the only educational setting that young students are provided. Due to education and political jurisdiction created by state and local governments, schools across Minnesota lack climate justice resources from their […]

How important is climate change education?

Maryama Warsame is a rising senior at Rosemount High School, member of the YEA! Network program with Climate Generation, volunteer for Sierra Club, and Minnesota Youth Council Representative 2021-22. On July 15, I co-hosted a UN ACE Youth Forum workshop on climate education with Owen Griffin, a fellow member of Youth Environmental Activists (YEA!). In […]

197 Students for Change

Nayana Gurung is a high school leader with Climate Generation’s Youth Environmental Activists (YEA!) Campaigns program. She’s passionate about social justice, which is why she loves climate work. My experience with 197 Students for Change has been a huge learning experience that has impacted the ways that I approach organizing with peers, addressing people in […]