The Energy-Conscious Consumer

Save money and the planet all at once! Being a smart consumer and basing purchasing and lifestyle decisions on energy consumption can save money and energy, and even provide you with a higher quality of life. The major drawback of buying energy-smart is that it can mean an initially high investment. This can be something […]

Carbon Offsetting

A carbon neutral lifestyle, business, or organization is an attainable goal. It can mostly be achieved through energy conservation and use of alternative fuels. But in these transitional times, before things like biofuels and wind power become widespread in the economy, there are instances when you just can’t avoid the use of fossil fuels. This […]

The Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Reducing the total carbon load on the atmosphere begins with choices individual consumers can make every day. Find out how much carbon you are personally responsible for by using a carbon footprint calculator. Then, trim off as you can in your daily life through energy-efficient lifestyle choices. Finally, go completely carbon-neutral by purchasing offsets for […]