Extreme Weather 101

  Extreme Weather 101 for Educators Image: Climate Change Connection Throughout the last year it has been hard to miss the news reports, blogs and editorial commentary on the extreme weather events that have been sweeping the country. Tornadoes, flooding, snowstorms, above normal and below normal temperatures have caught the media and the nation’s attention. […]

Other Websites Covering Climate Change Basics

Union of Concerned Scientists Pew Center on Global climate Change Real Climate – a forum for climate scientists Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change US Government research on climate change Climate vs. Weather NRDC climate education center Former Asst. Secretary of Energy, Joseph Romm interprets climate science and policy Former NYT journalist, Andrew Revkin Climate Change […]

Top Ten Global Warming Myths

The Arctic is melting. But is it really the result of global warming? And if global warming is happening, how do we know humans have had anything to do with it? How can we be sure? Here are ten of the questions most frequently posed by people who are skeptical about whether or not global […]

Global Warming FAQ’s

The most frequently asked questions about climate change and how it is impacting our Earth. Use the answers here to help you when talking with your friends, coworkers and others about why it is so important for all of us to do everything we can to slow the progress of climate change.   Global Warming […]