How the climate crisis affects our mental health

By Brandt Williams and Samantha Matsumoto August 23, 2021 Listen to the full interview at MPR News Earlier this month, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that “a hotter future is essentially locked in.” The news of the changing climate and its effects can have psychological impacts, which experts call “climate anxiety.” According […]

How Urgent Push for Climate Education Can Help Mental Health, Engagement

By Marianna McMurdock August 3, 2021 This July, air quality worsened from Oregon to Maine as wildfire smoke traveled across northern states. New Yorkers woke up to an orange sun, and Utah’s worst drought turned deadly as a sand storm blocked visibility on a major highway. And while reports of extreme weather and restrictions on teaching dominate the news, young people […]

Radio Camp 2021: Youth staying resilient and fighting for change in trying times

MPR News Staff June 28, 2021 How do you get young people who might not even own a radio to fall in love with audio storytelling? That’s the mission of our annual Radio Camp, a weeklong program for high school students in partnership with ThreeSixty Journalism at the University of St. Thomas. Over two one-week camps, 16 students from diverse backgrounds in Minnesota worked […]

Spotlighting Asian American Youth Activists: Annie, member of Climate Generation’s YEA Network

Interviewer: Siena Iwasaki Milbauer February 25, 2021 At AAOP, we are committed to uplifting and supporting the incredible advocacy work of Asian American youth. We’re highlighting some individual organizers in an ongoing series of interviews. In this installment, we speak with Annie Chen. Annie is part of Climate Generation’s YEA Network. Please introduce yourself! Hello! My […]

Helping kids cope with climate change

By Cathy Jordan February 24, 2021 In recent years we’ve seen images of young people from around the world speaking out to increase awareness of climate change and to demand action. After all, its certain impacts—if we continue on the current trajectory—will affect them more significantly than their parents’ or grandparents’ generations. Not all young […]

The youth speak: It’s time oil companies were held accountable for their climate change lies

By Maya Hidalgo and Indigo Liu October 12, 2020 We’re youth pushing for climate justice and a healthy future for everyone. Scientists at leading fossil fuel companies have known for decades that their products caused climate change. But the evidence is clear that industry placed its own profits over our planet and has spent that time creating propaganda and promoting false […]

Youth Take Action

by Climate Generation June 24, 2020 Excerpts from “Eyewitness: Minnesota Voices on Climate Change” Soni Shah and Kathleen Bacigalupi: We Are All Witnesses “WHAT DO WE WANT?” Megaphone in hand, perched atop the steps, I shouted loudly as thousands of voices thundered back, “Climate Justice!” I felt empowered. My voice had been heard. People listened […]

Minnesota teens make their pitch for action on climate change

By Emily Sohn May–June 2020 On a Saturday morning in February, eight teenagers sat around a conference table in Minneapolis. Many of their peers were sleeping in or playing sports, but these high-school students had weightier issues on their mind: climate change, the future, and what they could do to protect the planet. The teens, members […]