Green Schools National Youth Summit

Students take the lead in first annual Green Schools National Youth Summit! On Monday, October 25, over one hundred high school students gathered for the first annual Green Schools National Youth Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota to join forces and help make schools more sustainable. The conference was geared at preparing participants to become effective leaders […]

Will Steger speak to school kids in Sandefjord, Norway

Will Steger was in close contact with students on the Skagerrak Primary School in City Gravel Road. It’s not every day an experienced polar explorer pops up in a classroom in Sandefjord. But the event has students excited in Skagerrak Primary School in City Road.  

High Schools and Climate Change Science Projects

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) reminded high schools this week that the deadline for registering for the first annual Climate Generation Program is February 1, 2011. (CARB press release) The Climate Generation Program, started by the British Council (the United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations) which is partnering with ARB […]

Green Schools National Conference a Resounding Success

Katie Bell, our new EverGreen Twins Outreach Director, and Rick Reynolds recently had the pleasure of attending the 1st annual Green Schools National Conference, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The EverGreen Twins Activity Book was represented among other great resources like Green Teacher Magazine, the KidWind Project and Project Learning Tree’s GreenSchools.  

NEA Hosts First Summit on Environmental Education

10/19/10 By Ilana Kowarski Uniting in a common cause for the first time, the NEA and the Ecological Society of America (ESA) co-sponsored a summit which attracted scholars from around the world, including acclaimed polar explorer Will Steger.  The summit, “Environmental Literacy for a Sustainable World,” focused on the following question:  How should educators prepare […]

New Impact For Polar Bears Years After Arctic Visit

New Impact For Polar Bears Years After Arctic Visit Reporting, Don Shelby (WCCO) Sep 30, 2010 11:10 pm US/Central In late fall, the polar bears migrate north through town to the forming ice where they can feed on seals. And after months of fasting, they can be hungry and dangerous. But their world is changing.

Report links severe weather to global warming

MINNEAPOLIS — An environmental group pushing clean energy released a report Wednesday connecting 2010’s bumper crop of extreme weather events to global warming from greenhouse gases. Those include wildfires in the West, drought-driven smog in Russia and historic floods in Pakistan and the U.S. Click here to view the video.

Will Steger Foundation secures funding from Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota’s Resources (LCCMR):

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:Nicole Rom (612)-278-7147, or   Will Steger Foundation secures funding from Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota’s Resources (LCCMR):Engaging Students in Environmental Stewardship (Minneapolis, MN, May 18, 2010)- On May 15, 2010 Governor Pawlenty signed a bill into law that approved funds for 71 projects that focus on protecting Minnesota’s environment and natural […]

Momentum – Institute on the Environment

WIll Power: Standout Q&A with Will Steger INTERVIEW BY Nathan Mueller Dogsledding from Russia to Canada via the North Pole? Check. Trekking 1,600 miles across Greenland? Check. Traveling the longest-possible route across Antarctica? Check. In the past 45 years, polar explorer and environmental educator Will Steger has journeyed to the ends of the earth to […]