Minneapolis in winter is something to treasure

By Michael Gottschalk January 17, 2020 We need to work together to preserve the magic. My father’s first gift to me was the clean tracks he set through deep snow. Even now, when I walk in the winter forest or slide into my skis, I find my eyes tilted down and only a few steps […]

Three Rivers hosts Climate Conversations and Ice Harvest Festival Jan. 25

January 21, 2020 Three Rivers Park District and Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy are teaming up to present “Climate Conversations and Ice Harvest Festival,” this Saturday, January 25, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., at Richardson Nature Center, in Hyland Lake Park Reserve, Bloomington. This free family-friendly event celebrates Minnesota’s rich ice harvesting history […]

Danny’s Climate Story

By Danny Friedman November 17, 2019 I talked a lot as a kid. If you know me, you might say that I still do. My mother told me that as a younger person, the only time I would stop talking was in the forest. She would strap me into a backpack kid-carrier and we would […]

The Plant-Based Revolution

By Mikki Morrissette March 29, 2019 As an entrepreneur, Michelle Courtright has run a creative brand agency and owned the co-working space Flock. What she could not envision was how breast cancer would invigorate her desire to open a plant- based restaurant. Chemotherapy, an infection, and surgery had her bedridden for months. She emerged asking […]

Climate change: The arts can help tell the story of our time and provoke us to act

By Dawn Bentley February 21, 2019 From 2014–2017, I served as executive director of Art Shanty Projects, a creative placemaking festival that took place in the middle of winter on a frozen surface of a Minnesota lake. Our mission was to expand the notion of art and artist by creating an artist-driven temporary community. On […]

Michelle’s Climate Story; as heard on Climate Cast

By Paul Huttner December 6, 2018 Hear a Climate Story from Michelle Courtright of the plant-based restaurant Fig + Farro. Auto industry analyst Micheline Maynard explains how General Motors plant closures impact climate-friendly jobs. What do the big General Motors plant closures mean for electric cars? Listen to the full episode online here