Alarm bells in the UN’s latest climate report

By Paul Huttner October 11, 2018 We have 12 years to fix our climate before global warming’s impacts get much worse. That’s the gist of this week’s new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which calls for a 45 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions to stave off major climate impacts. John Abraham, a professor […]

Exploring connections: food, farming and climate change

By Melissa Hochstetler October 12, 2018 Community Voices I’ve been running the vegetable gardens at Gale Woods Farm for 14 years, and it’s harder to grow vegetables now than it was when I started. At Gale Woods, we raise vegetables for a 40-member Community Supported Agriculture program, as well as a Saturday market, high school […]

Catalyst: Politics and Culture

KFAI’s Catalyst program featured World in Flux, the climate change art exhibit running from October 13-November 3 at Vine Arts Center, in partnership with Climate Generation.

Human activity and the climate: The future looks terrifying; we have to act now

By Sophia Manolis , Lia Harel , Gabriel Kaplan , Marco Hunt , Shaza Hussein , Katie Christiansen, and Sofia Valdes October 10, 2018 We’re young people worried about dire climate-change impacts. The feds aren’t doing what’s needed, so state and local governments must. We, Minnesota youth, are terrified for our future. By our middle-aged […]

Place-based Climate Education in Action

By Megan Van Loh Vol. 21 No. 3 Autumn 2018 “Getting students outside is an essential component of climate change education. We know that when students get outside they develop a sense of place, experience health benefits, connect with relevant learning experiences and focus more in school, which all lead to better overall performance.” When […]

A climate voice: Kate Dorry

By Paul Huttner September 6, 2018 Is the American desert shifting east? The 100th meridian is the longitudinal line running from Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and into the Dakotas. Climate experts designate this invisible line as the boundary line between the arid west and the more humid east. A new study suggests climate change […]

Weather Channel documents struggles of climate refugees in the U.S.

By Paul Huttner August 16, 2018 This week on Climate Cast we’re talking about increases. There’s been a surge in climate refugees on the United States’ coasts as the seas rise. A boom in the tick population as winters warm. And, on a brighter note, an increase of clean energy jobs in the Midwest. Weather […]

Climate change 101: Boylen talks causes, impacts, solutions at presentation

By Audrey Posten, North Iowa Times August 7, 2018 Earlier this summer, Scott Boylen joined over 50 educators from around the country at the 13th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education at St. John’s University, in Minnesota. The institute was held by the non-profit Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, which empowers individuals and […]

In Case You Missed it: Telling climate change stories

By SueEllen Campbell August 1, 2018 Hearing peoples’ first-hand stories about climate change impacts can help improve understanding. Sometimes it is best to hear directly from people who are experiencing climate change in their own lives and thinking about what to do about it. A number of groups have begun collecting such stories. Regular readers […]

How are Minnesota cities preparing for climate change?

By Paul Hutner July 26, 2018 Mati, Greece. Santa Rosa, California. Houston, Texas. All overrun by climate change-enhanced firestorms and floods in the past year. How are Minnesota cities preparing? That’s where we start the show. Here’s a rundown: In Minnesota, climate change means more flash floods from extreme rainfall events. Our heavier, 21st-century climate […]