What do the big General Motors plant closures mean for electric cars?

By Paul Huttner December 6, 2018 General Motors made big news recently by announcing the closing of plants that could cost 15,000 workers their jobs. But as the car maker shifts focus to the coming electric vehicle boom, will it create even more climate-friendly jobs ahead? Auto industry analyst Micheline Maynard, who writes the Check […]

Teachers back new MN climate education standards, but topic’s still hot

Kay Nowell is a veteran science teacher in the St. Michael-Albertville public schools. Still, she feels the need to tread lightly when the topic of climate change comes up in her classroom.

Despite the facts, teaching climate change can bring a political backlash from parents and others who doubt the science.

“That’s always in the back of my mind,” she said, “because I want to teach kids, but I don’t want to push that envelope where I’m going to get a parent phone call.”

Minnesota proposes teaching climate change as human-caused

By Cody Nelson November 21, 2018 Minnesota’s draft science education standards include language that would require state students be taught that climate change is a human-caused phenomenon — the first time in Minnesota such guidelines would finger human activity as the driver behind global warming. If approved, the standards would take effect next school year. The department […]

Minnesota schools could soon start teaching climate change as human-caused

By Adam Uren November 23, 2018 It’s part of the draft science education standards proposed by the state. Minnesota school curriculum could soon include science modules that teach climate change as a human-induced phenomenon. The proposed change has been submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education as part of the draft science education standards that is […]

Climate Conversation series opens at Gale Woods Farm

By Megan Smith November 25, 2018 Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy and Three Rivers Park District are co-hosting a solutions-focused series of conversations about the changing climate in local communities. The first in their series of Climate Conversations was hosted at Gale Woods Farm on Saturday, Nov. 17 with a focus on agriculture as […]

Climate Change & Hope for A Better Future with Nicole Rom

November 16, 2018 After experiencing California’s wildfires, witnessing the increasing amount of hurricanes on the news and hearing firsthand accounts from friends and family of climate change throughout the world, I knew I wanted to interview an expert on this topic for the Rising Women Leaders podcast. I just so happened to know the perfect […]

Why Brazil’s new president may cause more rainforest destruction, violence

By Cody Nelson and Paul Huttner November 15, 2018   Hear the entire Climate Cast segment, including an interview with Emilio Bruna and a Climate Voice from Melissa Hotstettler with Gale Woods Farm.   Scientists around the world are worried about what Jair Bolsonaro might do. The right-wing president-elect of Brazil, who campaigned with […]

Water and climate in the American Southwest

By Paul Huttner October 25, 2018 This week on Climate Cast, Brad Udall schools us on the West’s changing hydrology and water resources. He’s a senior climate researcher and scientist at Colorado State University. Then, we hear a Climate Story from Tim Reese, manager at Gale Woods Farm.   Listen to the full episode […]