Last days on the ice cap

Day 23 of the expedition Distance traveled: 41.7 km / 25.9 miPosition: N 67’11.333′ W048,35.093′ Elevation: 1398 m / 4,557 ft Lately we’ve been travelling at night when the temperatures are cool and travel conditions fast. At 11 p.m. the winds still hadn’t picked up, so we strapped on our cross-county skies and headed down […]

Nearing the end of the crossing

Day 15 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 58 km / 36 miPosition: N 66,50 W 047,17Elevation: 1774 m / 5,820 ft Having spent a few days at Dye 2 it was great to travel again today. The winds were straight at our backs and it was nice cruising for 58km (36 mi). We now only have […]


Expedition day: 15Distance traveled: 126 km / 78 miPosition: N 66,29.482′ W 046,18.260′Elevation: 2097 meters / 6,879 ft The winds started to gradually increase as we ate breakfast. Eager to move as soon as the winds had reached a high enough speed for us to travel, we were out of the tent unrolling our kites. […]

We want wind!

Day 9 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 0kmPosition: N 66,08.278 W 040,38.339Elevation: 1,873 m / 6,145 ft We want wind! It’s our second windless day in a row and we are getting restless. The days are very hot as there is no wind to cool us down. If there is no wind tonight we will haul […]

On the move

Day 7 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 8.2 km / 5 miPosition: N 65,55.710′ W038,55.605′ Elevation:1,401 m / 4,596 ft After spending 4 nights basecamped on the east coast of the Greenland ice cap, we packed up and headed west, leaving behind us a beautiful view of the mountains. Our route is similar to the Norwegian […]

Ready to start the Crossing

Day 4 of the expeditionDistance traveled: 0kmPosition: N 65,48.783 W 038,38.025 – Basecamp Eastcoast Greenland Elevation: 1085 M / 3,559 ft Due to the normal lack of winds in the daytime we are now using the nights to further develop our skills on both the ski sails and the kites. My background is with the […]