Day 53

Expedition day 53Position: N 80° 01′ W 088° 22′Distance: 18 km / 11 mi After only 10 minutes on the trail we ran into Polar Bear tracks. A mom and a cub track. The cub track being as big as my fist. The cubs are born in the den in the winter and follow their […]

Northern communites

Expedition day: 52Position: N 80° 06′ W 088° 14′Distance traveled: 27.4 km / 17 mi Huddled in my tent, Sam and I have just finished a supper of spaghetti. Beside us, the other team members are also in their tents, and the dogs are tied in a square around us. It often feels like we […]

The racoon looking thing named Ichebaun

N 80° 21′ W 088° 41′ I can’t believe we have only ten days left until we head back to the real world. We have all been trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the circus that awaits us when we leave the ice but are also trying not to think about the end too much […]


Expedition Day: 49Position: N 80° 32′ W 89° 35′ It seems impossible to really capture this place with a camera, or even with words for that matter. No matter how sophisticated the equipment we carry is, it cannot capture the feeling of sitting alone atop an iceberg in the frozen sea listening to the distant […]

Norwegian Constitution Day – May 17th

Day 48 of ExpeditionPosition: N 80° 35′ W 89° 54′ Just north of white mountain, Axel Heiberg Island. Camped on the sea ice of Nansen Sound. We are now working our way down the northeast coast of Axel Heiberg and across Nansen Sound, where we can see the beautiful and rugged coastline of Svartefjell Peninsula […]

White wolves

Expedition Day: 47Position: N 80° 44′ W 090° 49′Distance: 28 km / 17 mi Amarokk is the white dog in the picture. His name means white wolf in Inuktitut (language spoken by the Inuit of this region). He is not a lead dog, his position in the hierarchy of the team is pretty far down. […]

Heading South

Expedition Day: 46Position: N 80° 57′ W 091° 28′Distance traveled: 22.4 km / 14 mi During the night the clouds rolled in and obscured the sun. We set off traveling due east towards Nansen sound. As the clouds broke, the sun lit up the hills of Axel Heiberg and we descended onto the frozen ocean. […]

Towards Nansen Sound

Day 45 Position: N 81° 03′ W 092° 35′ We are now in the progress of crossing the Northern tip of Axel Heiberg Island and we are heading towards Nansen Sound and Ellesmere Island. Today we actually had our first sighting of Ellesmere. It was a great moment for our team as we are now […]

Our Own Cairn

Day 43Distance Traveled: 0 km (rest day)Position: N 81° 01′ W 095° 03′ We spent the morning resting and doing all of our personal things. Writing in diaries, reading, bathing and sleeping. In the afternoon we had a team meeting where we discussed our route for the last leg of the expedition. It’s been nice […]

Ben’s Arrival

Day 42Distance traveled: 0 km / 0 mi (rest day) Flying into Axel Heiberg to join the rest of the team, I could finally grasp the difficulties that they had been through over the last forty days. From the sky the ocean below looked impossibly confused and cluttered. Even from 5,000 feet, the eye could […]