Back home

After 62 days of expedition life, I am finally back home in Iqaluit, Nunavut. It was nice to take a shower and sleep in a bed, but after a couple nights Eric and I were both ready to get back outside. So yesterday we paddled across a river, and hiked to our cabin for the […]

Time flies

The trip passed by so fast that besides the change in season it feels like no time passed from when I left home till when I finally returned, certainly not two months. But when we were out on the ice it was difficult to imagine the trip ever coming to an end, and when the […]

From Eureka to New York City

Two days ago we stood on the wild Ice of Eureka Sound, and here we stand now, in New York City wearing fancy shirts, eating fancy dinners, and trying our best to act normal. It’s these contrasts that make life interesting, and at least for me, the sudden immersion into an entirely different culture just […]


Location: EurekaDistance traveled: Roughly 5 kmDay 62 of the expedition, our last day It’s our last day on the ice and while we have come into Eureka and had our first meal and shower the team felt that it was important to spend our remanding hours with the dogs on the ice. So after thanking […]

Final days in the wind

Distance traveled: rest dayDay 61 of the Expedition, the last full day Tomorrow we will wake, at a late hour of 8:30, and travel to an unexpected destination; civilization. To be fair Eureka, a small weather/scientific/military outpost of civilization, yet it has flush toilets, electricity and heating from a generator that doubles as a giant […]

Muskox Land

Day 60 of Expedition Position: Wolfcamp Slidre Fiord, Ellesmere Island, N 79° 56′ W 085° 23′ We are now spending our last few days exploring the terrain between Slidre Fiord and the Sawtooth Mountains on Ellesmere Island. Because of the early spring thaw we are doing this by foot and on skis. There is simply […]

Photography and the Arctic

Expedition Day 60Position: Not Reported Our expedition is nearly complete, it’s safe to say that the hardest parts are over and that I will be returning with most of my camera equipment intact. Most of it at least… I can’t imagine being one of the origional arctic explorers traveling with cameras that now would be […]

The wolf pack

Position: N 79° 56′ W 085° 23′ Expedition Day: 59 This has been the day of my life. I am sitting in my tent with a big smile on my face. It has been a beautiful day from the start of. We ate lunch with the crew at the station before picking up some more […]