Ellesmere Island Expedition Team

Sam Branson – Age 21, Great Britain Sam Branson had his first taste of an Arctic expedition in 2007 when he joined Will Steger for the Baffin Island Expedition. Sam took quite the liking to all things Arctic and at age 22 is one of the youngest members of the Ellesmere Island Expedition team. The […]

Just keep eating…

The last few days have been pretty crazy. The expedition house has been full of boxes of food and expedition equipment has been bulging out of every corner. Its great to meet the team and they are all obviously very experienced and at times I have felt a bit out of my depth. I’m sure […]

Training, packing and testing…

With most of the team here finally, and the expedition coming up quickly, we have been working overtime trying to get everything ready. Food needs to be packed so that in two months when we pull it out of the box, we aren’t missing anything, and gear needs to be tested and readied for the […]

Preparing for the Race…

Iqaluit, Nunavut I have now been in Iqaluit for about a month with Sarah and Eric to train the dogs and to prepare gear and equipment for the expedition. Sarah and Eric have been great teachers and I have tried to my best ability to be an equally good learner. Last week, Ben also joined […]

Education Objectives

The Global Warming 101 Ellesmere Island Expedition raises public awareness of the impacts of climate change in the high Arctic, connects people emotively to the area, illuminates the nature of science, publicizes scientific investigations in the polar regions, and empowers the next generation of young leaders to take action. Learners, educators and the public who […]

Expedition Overview

In March 2008, six emerging leaders, ages 21–28 from four countries, including the US, Norway, Great Britain and Canada, will join Will Steger on a 1,400 mile dogsled expedition across Ellesmere Island, in collaboration with National Geographic Society, the International Polar Year and the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Our team will follow in the footsteps of […]