Paul & Susan Schurke’s Climate Story

This week as we mark the 30th anniversary of our 1986 North Pole expedition, Will Steger has noted that global warming has disintegrated the Canadian ice shelf from which we launched out across the Arctic Ocean: human-induced climate change has eliminated our route.  While that may only impact a few extreme adventurers like us, here […]

Hannah’s Climate Story

My climate story starts in Alexandria, MN. When I was young, I spent my summers at our family cabin. My mom and dad would work hard all day building our cabin and improving our yard. That left my brothers and I to play in the lake, fish, and catch frogs all day. In the evening […]

Mike’s Climate Story

Minnesota has a great diversity of quality fishing opportunities throughout the state but nowhere more evident than here in the north central part of the state.  Fishing is an important part of our cultural identity and a significant contributor to our local economies.  Fishing tourism in Minnesota generates over $2.8 billion in economic activity, $640 million in tax […]

David’s Climate Story

The Red River of the North is notorious for flood stories. Growing up in Fargo-Moorhead, I was used to the floods; the Broadway Bridge closed every spring. In 1993, the National Guard built a dike in Trollwood Park to protect the stage where Trollwood Performing Arts School was producing Anything Goes. I was in the […]

Jared’s Climate Story

Jared is currently a junior at Macalester College, where he is working towards a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Jared worked with Climate Generation during fall of 2015 as an intern on the Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions project. I have a complicated relationship with Mount Rainier. The mountain is a […]

Arlene’s Climate Story

I am Arlene Jones and I am a farmer.  I wasn’t always a farmer, having grown up in a large urban area in Western Michigan.  I moved to Minnesota to raise a family and spent 23 years in the healthcare field, primarily responsible for policy implementation and performance management outcomes.  The farm was purchased as […]

Berit’s Climate Story

I care about climate change because I want the future of Minnesota to be as beautiful, if not more beautiful than it is today. What I love most about Minnesota is the natural beauty that is so accessible in the West Metro.  Biking is part of experiencing the natural resources that make my community so […]

Anna’s Climate Story

A little over a year ago, flyers for the “Value Your Power” video contest were handed out in school. I noticed that many kids either threw their flyers away, or crammed them into their folders, likely to be forgotten. This inspired me to submit a video for two reasons; the first being, maybe I could […]

Climate Minnesota events showcase unique perspectives of Minnesota communities

Climate Minnesota: Bemidji – April 14, 2015 Climate Minnesota: Crookston – April 15, 2015 Climate Minnesota: Burnsville – May 12, 2015 Climate Minnesota: Duluth – May 18, 2015 Driving into each of the four convening communities where we hosted Climate Minnesota events this spring, the differences in the character of the places were evident at […]