Espoir’s Climate Story

My name is Espoir DelMain, I’m 17 and a Junior at Great River School. I’m a part of YEA!MN (a program of Climate Generation) because I am passionate about environmental justice. but I wouldn’t say that I have a certain moment in particular or thing that happened to me that fueled this passion. Growing up […]

Olivia’s Climate Story

I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes and water has been a part of my culture for as long as I can remember. Growing up, we played with water, we watched its seasonal changes, and we learned about the interconnectedness of the natural world in and around water. It’s those strong memories and […]

Caylia’s Climate Story

Before I began Ranae Hanson’s Ecofeminist class at MCTC, climate change was not really on my radar. I was worried about pesticides and pollution but on a much smaller scale. I consider myself a relatively educated person and I’ve never thought of myself as wasteful. I thought recycling and avoiding unnecessary purchases was enough, that […]

On the Road NW with Climate Minnesota: Local Stories, Community Solutions

Spring has arrived in the Northland and it was clear as the Climate Minnesota team traveled north to west and south again.  The trees are budding and the spring peepers are peeping in the ponds. The ice is close to out on Lake Bemidji and the winds of spring blew us into Crookston.  Our first […]

Mike’s Climate Story, as told to Katie Siegner

Cold weather has rarely stopped Minnesotans from going about their lives, and these days University of Minnesota- Duluth assistant professor Mike Mageau is proving that it also doesn’t have to stop fresh produce from growing year-round. Mike Mageau, assistant professor of Environment and Sustainability and Director of the Center for Sustainable Community Development at UMD, […]

DeAndra’s Climate Story

Having moved around many times as I grew up, I have been exposed to the humidity and heat of the low south and the arctic temperatures of the high north. Even though I planted shallow roots in each of these places, I quickly got to know local people and deeply understand the culture of the […]

David’s Climate Story

Climate change is a complicated problem. As we’re starting to see, it will affect everything and everyone on our planet in nuanced ways, and the bulk of those effects will very likely be negative. This is the simple logic that compelled me to focus on energy and the environment in my education. Growing up in […]