Why Brazil’s new president may cause more rainforest destruction, violence

By Cody Nelson and Paul Huttner November 15, 2018   Hear the entire Climate Cast segment, including an interview with Emilio Bruna and a Climate Voice from Melissa Hotstettler with Gale Woods Farm.   Scientists around the world are worried about what Jair Bolsonaro might do. The right-wing president-elect of Brazil, who campaigned with […]

Water and climate in the American Southwest

By Paul Huttner October 25, 2018 This week on Climate Cast, Brad Udall schools us on the West’s changing hydrology and water resources. He’s a senior climate researcher and scientist at Colorado State University. Then, we hear a Climate Story from Tim Reese, manager at Gale Woods Farm.   Listen to the full episode […]

A climate voice: Kate Dorry

By Paul Huttner September 6, 2018 Is the American desert shifting east? The 100th meridian is the longitudinal line running from Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and into the Dakotas. Climate experts designate this invisible line as the boundary line between the arid west and the more humid east. A new study suggests climate change […]

Weather Channel documents struggles of climate refugees in the U.S.

By Paul Huttner August 16, 2018 This week on Climate Cast we’re talking about increases. There’s been a surge in climate refugees on the United States’ coasts as the seas rise. A boom in the tick population as winters warm. And, on a brighter note, an increase of clean energy jobs in the Midwest. Weather […]

How are Minnesota cities preparing for climate change?

By Paul Hutner July 26, 2018 Mati, Greece. Santa Rosa, California. Houston, Texas. All overrun by climate change-enhanced firestorms and floods in the past year. How are Minnesota cities preparing? That’s where we start the show. Here’s a rundown: In Minnesota, climate change means more flash floods from extreme rainfall events. Our heavier, 21st-century climate […]

Lacy’s Climate Story

Lacy Tooker-Kirkevold was a climate storyteller featured during our Youth Convening Minnesota project at the convening in Moorhead, Minnesota. Throughout my youth I attended a bible camp in Amery, Wisconsin every Summer. It was on a huge beautiful lake, so every morning we would have to bundle up in our sweatshirts on our way to […]

Danny’s Climate Story

Danny Friedman was a climate storyteller featured during our Youth Convening Minnesota project at the convening in Warba, Minnesota. I talked a lot as a kid. If you know me, you might say that I still do. My mother told me that as a younger person, the only time I would stop talking was in […]