Mallary’s Climate Story

Mallary was a youth storyteller during the 2019 Youth Climate Convening in Red Wing, part of the Youth Convening Minnesota program. I’m from a small town in Minnesota called Frontenac. What I love about where I live is how homey it feels. We are a pretty close knit community and I like that. When you […]

Joel’s Climate Story; as heard on Climate Cast

Hear a climate story from Joel Light, University of Northwestern St. Paul biology professor and 2019 Talk Climate Institute participant. Full broadcast: Fish on the move under climate change A new study in the journal Nature finds fish are on the move because of climate change. But which species can adapt, and which will […]

Eric’s Climate Story

For seven years of my life, I lived in Turkey. For the first four years there, I lived in Istanbul. If you didn’t already know, in Turkey there is litter everywhere, even if there is a trash can nearby. This alone was enough to cause me concern about how we are handling our resources. After […]

Zaria’s Climate Story; as heard on Climate Cast

By Paul Huttner April 25, 2019 Hear a climate story from Zaria Romera, a youth leader from our Youth Convening Minnesota program. How local electric co-op elections can impact greenhouse gas emissions Many Minnesotans are running for seats on their local electric co-op boards with the aim of making a bigger impact on greenhouse […]

Betty’s Climate Story

Betty Tisel was an attendee of our 2019 Talk Climate Institute. My name is Betty Tisel, and I’m from Minneapolis. Here’s a short climate story, from the future. It is 10:30 p.m. A young woman enters the train station alone. As she steps along, small path lights come on to illuminate the area. Behind her, […]

Lori’s Climate Story

Lori Imsdahl is a public health practitioner and communication specialist. She writes for fun at It was 2006, and I was tired. I was so tired, I fell asleep watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth at a theater in Brooklyn. My friend elbowed me when I began to snore, my body slumped against a […]

Amber’s Climate Story; as heard on Climate Cast

By Paul Huttner April 11, 2019 Hear a Climate Story from our 2019 Talk Climate Institute attendee Amber Brooks of Souix Falls, South Dakota. Attorney Kyle Tisdel, energy and communities director for the Western Environmental Law Center, explains the effect of a federal judge in Wyoming denying oil and gas leases in Wyoming because […]

Jay’s Climate Story; as heard on Climate Cast

By Paul Huttner January 31, 2019 Hear a Climate Story from Jay McCleary of Red Wing, Minnesota. Ernst Rauch, head of the Climate Group at Munich Reinsurance, explains how insurance companies are grappling with the massive financial toll on this week’s Climate Cast. Why climate change cost the U.S. $160 billion last year Listen […]

MaryBeth’s Climate Story

Mary Beth Garrigan is a visual artist and you can learn more about her work at This story was originally shared at the Climate Conversation: Silverwood Park in partnership with Climate Generation and Three Rivers Park District. The New Climate My art usually is inspired by stories. Stories about the topic of climate change […]