Spinning through Wine Country

Today was a super pleasant day as we are all adjusted to the rhythm of biking everyday. The bike route opened at 8 am and we began by following the Russian River inland towards wine country. We made an early stop at Moshin Vineyard which features a unique 4-tier Gravity Flow Winery and control of […]

From the Redwoods to the Ocean

It was a great day to wear my Will Steger Foundation jersey after speaking last night as part of the beneficiary organization speaker series. I was able to connect with more people who were interested in our work and wanted to know more about the Arctic and climate change as well as our programming, including […]

MinnPost: Eugenie Scott on Climate Science in Classrooms

For three decades, the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has focused most of its efforts on defending the teaching of evolution in the classroom. Increasingly, however, the teachers its executive director, Dr. Eugenie Scott, hears from are under fire for teaching global warming. Read more…

Is it hot enough for you? Climate News Round-up

Is it hot enough for you? Extent of surface melt over Greenland’s ice sheet on July 8 (left) and July 12.[Via Climate Central] Summer 2012 has proved a landmark time in climate history, with record heat, rainfall, wildfires, floods and droughts throughout the country and across the globe. Recent reports came in that global CO2 […]

Public Opinion on Climate Change Policy – It’s Not What You Might Think

If you pay attention to the rhetoric between climate change supporters and climate change deniers, you would think that it is a polarizing issue; that you could predict by political party affiliation which way the public will fall on climate and energy issues. A new poll says this is not true. The majority of all […]