All the countries of the world are united – but the U.S. is on the outside looking in

The Conferences of the Parties (COPs) are full of many different activities. Negotiations. There are official negotiations, of course, to fill out the operational details of the Paris Agreement. Some of the representatives of the various governments of the world are dedicated to these official meetings and making sure that a particular country’s point of […]

Indigenous Women’s Day

I’d like to give my apologies for not posting yesterday, I went back to the apartment in the evening intending to take a small nap and woke up 16 hours later!!! It was much needed rest and very appreciated! Today was Indigenous Women’s Day at COP23. I was given tobacco by some of the Indigenous delegates […]

Tides and Waves

Craig Johnson was a delegate with our Window into Marrakech, COP22 program in 2016. He is an educator at the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, MN. COP23 in Bonn is the 7th UNFCCC Climate Change Conference I have attended and the 8th to welcome School of Environmental Studies (SESEF) student delegates as official […]

Africa voices in climate change discussions

Since I served in the Peace Corps in Liberia in the 70s and again last year, I am eager to hear the voice of Africans in these climate change negotiations. Today, I attended a large side event called Africa Day, and I want to share some of their voices. Denis Sassou Nguesso, the President of […]

Small Islands vs. Climate Change

During COP this year, there has been a large focus on small islands because the host, Fiji, is a small Pacific Island nation. Many other small islands in the Pacific have sent delegations to COP23. Many of these islands are struggling with different facets and effects of climate change. Throughout this conference, many of these […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 10: November 15

Watch our Education webcast in partnership with the Climate Literacy Network (CLEAN), featuring our delegates John Olson and Adri Arquin. When the U.S. announced that it would pull out of the Paris Agreement, it was quickly realized that others would need to step into the leadership vacuum. In addition to cities, states, colleges and universities, […]

Tuesday’s focus on state actions

Today (Tuesday) was fast-paced, and I will describe a few highlights. It seems attending press briefings and reading summaries from organizations are some of the best ways to find out the conference’s progress on the issues that are being negotiated. The Climate Action Network reports that there is progress on defining rules for national reporting […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 9: November 14

The involvement of the U.S. government in the Bonn Climate Talks remains limited as the only scheduled event was held yesterday. Moderated by Francis Brooke, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, the panel promoted the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy and featured executives from the natural gas company Tellurian, coal mining company […]