The New Normal

When people accept the degradation of our environment across generations as the new normal, this is “Environmental Generational Amnesia.” I spoke of this in my first blog post in October. Since my first post, a new administration has taken residence in the White House. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Environmental Generational Amnesia and […]

Climate Lessons Update – February 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators In this month’s CLU we’re sharing the LOVE! Links to resources: This and every CLU features many links to resources that sparked our interest. Take a look and use them often. Don’t forget to let us know how you’re bringing them into your classroom. Facebook, Tweet, and Instagram your climate […]

CliFi Book of the Month: Exodus

Set in 2100, Exodus tells the story of the island of Wing which is about to be flooded by rising seas. 15-year-old Mara, a native of the island, discovers the existence of New World sky cities that are safe from the storms they endure for months on end, and the rising seas. Mara convinces her […]

Climate Lessons Update – January 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators We hope you enjoy looking back at the top ten most popular stories we shared this past year. They definitely illustrate the complexity of climate change and the various sectors of our world that are being impacted already. Our resolution for 2017 includes more intention about keeping in contact with […]

Climate Lessons Update – December 2016

Letter to Climate Change Educators Lately, our education program staff have been thinking about how to nurture imagination, knowing that without it, action is not possible. Students need to imagine where our actions will take us, and reimagine our future. At a recent talk from the Aspen Ideas Festival, two scholars discussed the role of […]

A School for Climate Solutions

As teachers gathered for the Lowell School Climate Change Education Summit on Friday, November, 4, they faced a timeline spanning from 300 BC to 2100. The teachers represented all disciplines of the middle school at Lowell, a small independent school in Washington, D.C. We all met in the home of 7th and 8th grade Humanities […]

Climate Lessons Update – November 2016

Letter to Climate Change Educators It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago we were preparing our delegation of ten COP21 Education Ambassadors to head to Paris. The experience was exhilarating, exhausting, and life changing for all of us that attended, as we truly witnessed the making of history. It has been a […]