October 2007

As we move into the fall season, we also move into a time for awards. With the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize winners – Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – we are seeing a trend of recognition for leaders making a difference on the most significant issue of our time. […]

June 2007

After three intense months, the 2007 Baffin Island Expedition has finally come to an end. We’ve brought our team safely home from the Arctic and, after some much-needed R&R, they’ve put together a summary of their most important findings about global warming in the Arctic. It’s simultaneously gratifying and terrifying to see just how dire […]

May 2007

It’s been another incredible month. In April, we saw Will’s name in newspapers from here to China…literally! America stepped up on April 14, on mountaintops, in town squares, even underwater. A handful of global warming skeptics joined the Forum, spicing up the dialogue. Students from Minnesota joined the Expedition Team in Clyde River. Representatives from […]

April 2007

It’s been an exciting month! The team has almost reached its third destination, Clyde River, and the media has been along for the ride. On this second leg of the journey, they’ve faced the kinds of tough travel conditions the Inuit have been warning them about. It’s a snapshot of the dramatic effects global warming […]

March 2007

February was a historic month for the movement to slow global warming. In one month, the IPCC released its update on how the world is faring with Kyoto (and, in our country’s case, without it); the Minnesota legislature charted the most rigorous course in renewable energy to date; Laurie David got an Oscar for An […]

February 2007

The expedition launch is almost here! In anticipation of all the expected media coverage, we created a brand new area on our site: the Press Room. It’s a place where journalists can access quick info about the organization and press releases for upcoming events. It’s also where you can read recent articles about Will and […]

January 2007

The biggest news item of the past month would have to be the announcement by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that polar bears may soon be added to the list of threatened species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 that they have made a formal proposal to add […]

December 2006

News from the Arctic Theo Ikummaq , Global Warming 101 Expedition Member and Inuit Elder recently told us: “Our culture is changing so rapidly that what was once relevant to our culture is now irrelevant. The animals are the ones who are especially losing. We need to move beyond boundaries and we need to unify […]

November 2006

Polar Explorer, Will Steger, invites Educators around the world to participate in his 2007 expedition to the Canadian Arctic. Students and teachers can follow the four-month expedition to Baffin Island on line and hear stories from the Inuit people and the Polar Bears, Seals and Walruses that share their Arctic home. Through an interactive website […]