What’s the best way to rapidly decarbonize?

Today, I dived into the deep end of the public policy pool and listened to economists almost all day. My agenda for the day revolved around one main question: which public policy tool achieves the most carbon pollution reductions for the lowest cost – cap and trade or carbon tax? Economists from the Massachusetts Institute […]


“We are both guardians of the forest.” –Mundiya Kepenga’s statement to Robert Redford at today’s UNESCO event entitled “An afternoon with Robert Redford: Storytelling for Global Action” Today, I was privileged to listen to three guardians. Mundiya Kepenga is a Papuan traditional Leader from Papua New Guinea who, as he states, testifies about climate change with […]

Connecting with People in Paris

Even as I waited in line to have my passport checked at the “Contrôle de Passeports” upon my arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport, I had a chance meeting with a representative from the Department of Energy and Environment from Washington, DC. It really gave me a sense of how people are arriving from all […]

The Climate Scoreboard

The Climate Scoreboard uses the C-ROADS simulation to calculate the long-term climate impacts of proposals under consideration in the negotiations to produce a global climate treaty. Embedded Scoreboards automatically update as the deal improves. Watch the video (top right corner) for background and explanation of features. To see recent changes to the Scoreboard, click on […]