Trail Dispatch – Reflecting on the expedition

The Baffin Island Expedition is complete, but the lessons learned and Inuit voices are just beginning to be reflected upon and shared. We have returned to Minnesota and to a new season – May in Minnesota is green and lush; lilacs bloom and spill over back yard fences; maples, elms and birches show off their […]

Trail Dispatch – Open Water

The trick for the mushers was going to be to get the dogs to run towards the edge of the polynia and then turn right, skirting along its edge, just between Jerry and his tripod and the edge of the water. There was no path for the dogs to follow, so Stetson in the lead […]

Trail Dispatch – Sunburns

Coordinates: 69.44.011 N, 80.47.748 W Distance Traveled: 33.81 mi / 54.41 km Weather: Temp 12°F / -11°C, Wind 5 MPH / 3 KPH Barometric Pressure: 1049 hPa Cloud cover: Clear Sunrise: 3:17 a.m. Sunset: 11:28 p.m. There can be no fashion consciousness when your skin is burning. Ever since we left Clyde River, the sun […]

Trail Dispatch – Keeping in the heat

Coordinates: 69.51.114 N, 78.11.071 W Distance Traveled: 34.16 mi / 54.98 kmTemperature: 3 °F / -16 °C Wind: 10 MPH / 6 KPHBarometric Pressure: 1059 hPaCloud Cover: Clear skies Sunrise: 3:17 a.m. Sunset: 11:07p.m. Have you ever taken a nap sprawled out on top of a moving dogsled? I did today as I rode with […]

Trail Dispatch – Snowy rest day

On and off through the day it snowed. I enjoyed watching the quality of the snowflakes change over the course of the day. When it was warm and very calm, the flakes were large and fluffy, almost like the white cottony seeds that blow from a dandelion. When the weather warmed up a bit and […]

Trail Dispatch – Falling through thin ice

Coordinates: 69.41.118 N, 74.07.384 WDistance Traveled: 18.42 mi / 29.64 kmTemperature: 13 °F / -10 °CWind: 0 MPH / 0 KPHCloud Cover: Full sun Simon calmly turned around to me and said, “They should not be out there. They are going to sink.” I looked behind me to see Stetson and Ed Viesturs mushing out […]