Behind the Scenes

Since arriving in Copenhagen Friday I have had the opportunity to awesome behind the scenes activities, from the setting up of the Bella Center, to media outreaches and releases to planned actions by organizations, being a witness and a participant. It’s a lot of work just being a delegate and focusing on a daily plan!!

I got a good look inside the Bella Center here in Copenhagen on Friday and Sunday, where the United Nations Forum Climate Change began negotiations on Monday. Being able to see the U.N. staff, different organizations, and Bella Center prepare for the thousands of participants here, was an indication of the hard work that’s put in leading up to results. The space and physical preparations are only part of the arrangements. Results could come in so many forms and we’re hoping for negotiations to result in a call and commitment for domestic and global responsibility regarding climate change.

I have also been participating with the Indigenous Environmental Network who also has a delegation, we are currently planning an action at the U.S. Embassy here in Copenhagen on Thursday.

So many thoughts, ideas and considerations are determined, the work put in by delegates should be acknowledged. I am saying Chi-Miigwetch (Thank you) now, as we are preparing for so much, I fear I may not be able to express my gratitude for your input, sharing and support.

May the work and our energies continue.


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