Be a #ClimateVoter this Nov. 6th

You may have seen the report released last week from the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change about the need for lawmakers, private industry, and individuals to take immediate steps in addressing climate change.

The report outlined the consequences of inaction—irreparable damage done to our environment, with rising sea levels and harsher weather, impacting poverty levels, access to food, and sustainability of coastal communities.

Bleak, I know.

BUT, the report also said it’s possible to prevent this outcome with immediate intervention. We can still change course on climate change, but it’s going to take all of us to turn our hope for the future into action.

On November 6th, we’ll be electing a new governor and we need to use our powerful voices to make sure they know we can’t wait on climate change action.

We need your help. In addition to heading to the polls on November 6th and reminding your friends, family, and neighbors about the importance of being a #ClimateVoter, we have a few other ways you can help:

  • Attend an event for gubernatorial candidates and talk to them about the need for immediate action on climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, investing in clean energy, and ensuring climate change is taught in our schools.
  • Submit a letter to your local paper about the need for the next governor to prioritize climate action or tell candidates for governor that you’re a #ClimateVoter! Use our easy template for inspiration!
  • Sign the 100% Campaign, pledging to work together for a just transition to a Minnesota economy that powers our lives with equitable and clean energy.
  • Hop on your favorite social media platform and tell your story about why climate change is important to you. Don’t forget to tag Tim Walz (@Tim_Walz) and Jeff Johnson (@MNJeffJohnson) and use the hashtag #ClimateVoter!

Click the graphic to retweet and tell gubernatorial candidates Tim Walz and Jeff Johnson that you’re a climate voter.

We’re here to help! We know it can be hard to figure out where to start and we’re happy to connect you with opportunities and help you draft letters. We also want to hear your ideas!

Please let us know if you can support this important work! Email Jessica at to get started!

Thank you for being a community champion for climate action!


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