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Day Two: Flats, Chats, and Nice Warm Hats

Uh Oh: The Flat Tire FiascoWe set out from the refuge of Rebecca Otto’s alternative energy home into the brisk chill of the Minnesota autumn morning. We travelled for about half a mile and everything was going well until I started to hear a “thu-thunk, thu-thunk.” Oh, no, a flat tire, and not just any […]

Day One: The Adventure Begins!

Base Camp This morning, we had a great kickoff event at the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. Awesome representatives of Will Steger Foundation, Carrot Mob, 1Sky, Oxfam America,and Environment Minnesota were in attendance. There was a lot good energy and enthusiasm to get us started on the right pedal (as opposed to the left pedal). Cheers […]

Last Minute Preparations

The saddlebags are full and the winter gear is ready to take on any weather that good old mother nature (or should I say mother Minnesota?) can send us. This evening, I had a wonderful meeting with State Auditor Rebecca Otto, who is going to host the Bike MN 350! team at her home along […]

Getting Ready To Hit The Trail

10/08/09: This past week, I have had a series of amazing experiences speaking with classrooms and groups engaged in climate solutions work in the Twin Cities. It is hard to believe that after months of planning, an idea is about to become reality as the Bike MN 350! team hits the trail this Saturday. I’ve […]