Author: Savannah Duby, Youth Climate Coordinator

Youth-Led Climate Organizations Receive Competitive Funding for Midwest Campaigns

The Will Steger Foundation’s Emerging Leaders program is home to the Midwest Youth Caucus, a space where key youth climate leaders can network with one another and build cross-generational connection with veteran non-profit environmental organizations across the region. We play a key role in convening Midwest youth leadership, providing valuable mentorship and networking opportunities, and […]

Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program Fosters Cross-Generational Dialogue on Theory of Change

The Will Steger Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program is engaging forty environmental leaders in six Midwest states in powerful dialog across the generational spectrum. This co-mentorship model pairs young and veteran environmental leaders with complementing experience and growth interests to share perspectives in an egalitarian exchange.

The Power in Power Shift

Right around the corner, almost tangible at this point, is an opportunity to amplify the work of young pioneers wrestling with climate issues and to empower thousands more leaders to incubate a stronger, healthier, more equitable future. For our country and the planet, it really can’t come soon enough.